415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy -Uncle Rubus’s Wizard’s Lair

Uncle Rubus’ Wizard’s Lair

415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy

In a small central Ohio town there is an old wooden, unassuming house surrounded by a lush garden in the middle of the block on 415 Raspberry Picket Lane. Uncle Rubus, a man in his late 50’s recently retired from teaching Botany at a local college, spends his days tending his small city garden and caring for his greenhouse plants. In a small apartment in the rear of his home lives Flo, his plump Scottish housekeeper.

His young nephew Darach moves in with him, taken away from uncaring and cruel father and step-mother. Rubus and his housekeeper are not sure they are up to the task of raising a rambunctious little boy.

Almost immediately Darach realizes not everything is what it seems. Strange things seem to occur in his uncle’s home and both his uncle and housekeeper seems peculiar and odd.

Uncle Rubus realizes he can’t keep his secret any longer and explains to the boy both he and his housekeeper are witches. Uncle Rubus is known in the witch world as ‘Wizard of Green,’ a mighty witch who is an expert in magical herbs and dragons.

He shows his young nephew a secret magical portal in his little greenhouse that allows him to enter his wizard’s lair in a large room under the house. The stone walled room  had been used during the Civil War as part of the system of the Underground Railroad to transport slaves to safety.

The secret lair contained Uncle Rubus’s vast collection of magical herbs and all sorts of magical instruments, books, tools, and magical plants. Darach was speechless when he looked around the large cavernous room. 

The room had a cot, and a large lab with bubbling test tubes and glass beakers. In the middle of the room was a large black cauldron with a natural gas fire burning beneath. The walls were covered with book- cases bulging with books. On the far side was the thickest jungle Darach had ever seen. Plants of every kind imaginable and unimaginable grew in pots, some under glass, some in cages. On the ceiling overhead grew a light-producing fungus that thrived in the damp moist air. The strange yellow fungi produced an almost blinding white light for the plants below!” (Book One-The Seven Sacred Seeds.)

They are given the task to stop an evil entity from destroying all plant life on Earth. Uncle Rubus’s underground lair becomes the headquarters or the command post of the battle before them.



wizards lair 3

wizards lair 2magical herbs bins


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