415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy-The Courthouse tower clock

415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy

The young nephew Darach and his uncle, Rubus has been given the mighty task of stopping an evil entity from killing all plant life on Earth. A mystical dragon appears to them and explains they alone must stop the evil and save the Earth.

At every turn the unknown enemy tries to kill Darach and his uncle, to stop them from saving plant life on the planet.

On a sunny afternoon in a small central Ohio town very much like Circleville, Darach runs a few blocks downtown to the post office and was about to stop at the drug store to get a comic book. He makes a bad choice to run down an alley to save time and is captured by a henchman of the evil entity. He is thrown into a locked room underground near the underground lake. At nightfall he is forced up into the Courthouse clock tower and tied to the enormous minute hand. When the minute hand and the hour hand cross Darach will be squeezed to death.

With only minutes to go he worries how he can somehow communicate his plight to his uncle by using magical herbs. And if the message does reach his uncle, will Rubus have time to save him?

The giant clock is ticking, each upward thrust of the minute hand lurches Darach closer to a terrible death.

415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy

(Book One) The Seven Sacred Seeds


Acourthouse clock 1


(Actual picture taken from Circleville Courthouse Clock tower-Catholic Church in foreground) 






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