415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy-Novels by R.L Patterson

Uncle Rubus


Rubus is Latin for plants with prickles and a rambling habit and sweet fruits.

Rubus is a semi-retired professor of botany at a small local university on the edge of a small town in Ohio. He is well respected for his knowledge of plants and for hybridizing many plants. He has made enough money from his sales of hybridized plants to make a comfortable living. A strong believer in world ecology, Rubus has traveled the world meeting other botanists, scientists, and witches collecting rare seeds of endangered plants for propagation. Rubus is tall, with graying blond hair and intense blue eyes and 50ish. He has never married and has no children of his own.

He made legal arrangements with state social services to have his small nephew, Darach, removed from his abusive parents; Darach lives with him. In the world of witches, Rubus is famous for his knowledge and use of magical herbs. Numerous times he has been sought after by other witches to assist them with botanical spells. On occasion he has used his powerful green magic to bring evil witches and sorcerers to justice.

Rubus, Wizard of the Green, is also an expert on dragons.

R.L Patterson


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