Meet Darach, ‘The Boy who can talk to trees.’


Darach is the Celtic name for, ‘strong as an oak.’

Bright and full of energy, the curly blond, blue-eyed, dimple-chinned boy came to live with his Uncle Rubus. With no extra bedrooms in the house, Flo and Rubus made him a comfortable bedroom with his own bath in the basement.

When he first came to live with his uncle, he noticed there were many strange and unusual things going on in the house. Before long he was shocked to learn his uncle was a witch! With Rubus and Flo’s help, he discovered he had the gift of ‘photopsychicsythsis’ or the ability to feel and communicate with plants. Surprised he also was a witch, he helped his uncle fight the evil Dark Master and saved plant life from being eliminated from the Earth. It was a fairy who first nicknamed him the boy who talks to trees, and now among witches and elves, fairies and the like he is known by this name due to his rare gift.

R.L. Patterson

415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy

Novels by R.L. Patterson



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