415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy now on sale!

The 415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy , all three books are available for $30.97! 

415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy

In a small Ohio town mysterious things are occurring. A young boy Darach, moves in with his eccentric uncle and his odd housekeeper. To his amazement the boy discovers they are witches and he has an amazing gift.

An evil Dark Master is on a quest to destroy all plant life on Earth and the boy, his uncle, grandmother, and housekeeper have been selected to save the planet. Darach can hardly believe it when he encounters elves, vampires, dragons, evil monsters, ghosts, and powerful witches.

They search a 2000 year old earth mound, the burial tomb of a long dead Hopewell Shaman, finding an ancient cooper box containing a terrible secret. A secret the Dark Master is desperate to regain possession of. Using all their skills as witches and knowledge of magical herbs, can they defeat the Dark Master and save the plane




Available at Amazon.com (US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan )





2 thoughts on “415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy now on sale!

  1. Really enjoyed this book. You have done extensive research on plants and their qualities to make the book very enjoyable to read. Thanks for participating in our Writers at the Crossroads and hope you come back next year. Then I can get another book.


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