Uncle Rubus’s grimoire of magical herbs: Goldenrod



In the country side in Ohio the fields are full of bright yellow flowers of Goldenrod. Most people don’t realize there are many as 50 varieties of Goldenrod, and they often grow together in the same fields.  People often use Goldenrod as a scapegoat for their allergy problems,  Actually the pollen of Goldenrod is to large and heavy to cause allergy issues.  The culprit is actually Ragweed that blooms at the same time.

There is a breath taking beauty looking out across of a vast field of bright yellow goldenrod blooms.  While many see them as weeds in recent years there have been varieties available in nurseries for home gardens.  I am fond of the variety called ‘Fireworks.’ Just be careful because they love to spread and take over!  Just pull up plants you don’t want in the spring.


Magically Goldenrod is used in money and prosperity spells, probably due to it’s golden color.  Planting Goldenrod in your garden and bringing the cut flowers into your home attracts money and wealth. Legend says carry a Goldenrod flower in your wallet to fill it with money!  Also used as a dowsing rod the flower will bend downward to show where there is a hidden treasure.

Sometimes in lore Goldenrod has been used in love spells, to show a person where there is a hidden love! To find a future lover wear a Goldenrod flower and your true love will appear the next day!

Goldenrod blooming in the fields yells it is finally autumn, a time of quiet colorful beauty before winter sets in.

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