Uncle Rubus’s grimoire of Magical Herbs: Mint


Mint has a tangy smell and a fresh taste.  There are many varieties of mint, Chocolate, Pineapple, and Spearmint, to name a few.  The plant is easy to grow and can be very aggressive taking over a flower bed and taking over killing every other plant.  I know from experience it is best to grow mint in an container or sink a container into the ground to control it’s rapid growth.  Mint is delicious in lemonade or made into a cool summer tea, or a minty hot tea for cold winter days.

Mint is said to be good for an upset stomach and irritable bowel Syndrome.

Magically Mint is used to protect the home and often used in healing spells, especially headaches. Fresh mint in the home attracts friendly helpful spirits.

Mint is said to help with business, provide prosperity, and good luck.  Rubbing mint in your wallet will help bring needed money.

Mint is very easy to grow and should be in every witch’s garden of magical herbs!



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