Uncle Rubus’s grimoire of Magical Herbs: The Passion Flower

Sometimes called Maypop, this hardy variety of the tropical Passion Flower vine pops up in my central Ohio garden in late June.  It begins to show it’s exotic flowers with their strong sweet perfume by the first of August.  The vines can become very intrusive growing aggressively grabbing hold of every plant in the garden with it’s twinning tentacles. They produce an egg-sized green fruit that never seems to have enough time to fully ripen in my garden when frost hits in late October.  The fruits are full of seeds with a sweet tasting pulp.  In late fall and early winter the half frozen fruits  laying around can become very slippery and when the fruits open exposing the seeds, it only increases the number of vines for the next summer.

The exotic beauties have a strong sweet fragrance.  Several flowers in full bloom can perfume an entire yard!  Tradition says the flower represents Christ, his crucifixion and his disciples.

Magically the Passion Flower is used for, you guessed it, love spells, to increase one’s libido. After bathing in a tub full of flowers, you are magically attractive to the opposite sex!  If you want to meet new friends carry the flower on your person and it will make you a more popular person.

Passion flowers in the house is said to bring peace and provide a stress free environment. Troubles and arguments between people in the house is said to be reduced if the flowers are sprinkled about. Various brands  of herbal teas use  Passion Flowers to provide a calming effect  to alleviate anxiety and as a sleeping aid.

Placing Passion flowers under your pillow is said to help you get a deep nights sleep.  Also placing a bundle of flowers under your pillow will bring you true love.  I’m not sure how promoting one’s sex drive and helping you fall asleep could be beneficial for one’s love life!

The flowers are very strange as they are beautiful.  They almost look artificial in bloom and smell heavenly in your garden!


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