Of Dragons and Fairies- 415 Raspberry Picket

No one would ever imagine the common looking family that lives at 415 Raspberry Picket Lane are really witches. They are forced into action to save the world from an evil dark Master hell bent on destroying all plant life on Earth, thus destroying the planet.

After Darach the young nephew moves in with his elderly uncle and housekeeper he soon realizes something very strange is going on. He is shocked to learn they are witches and he has the ability to talk to trees.

One night while exploring the heavens with his newly made telescope they are confronted by a mighty dragon spirit named Prometheus who gives them a riddle to solve and explains they have been appointed to save the world!

Sharp barbs of lightening slashed across the clear night sky. Thunder roared and echoed across the corn-filled fields. The smell of acidity sulfur burned Rubus’ nose. The air was alive with static electricity raising the hair on his arms and dancing though the hairs on his skull. There was a sudden blast of bright, white light. When Rubus was able to open his eyes and focus, a giant, horned dragon with blood-red eyes, scaly skin, and huge flapping wings appeared in the sky floating above him.

Who has awakened the mighty Prometheus?” roared the dragon in a loud, monotone voice. The dragon swished his spiked tail snapping it twice as it glared at the creatures below him.”

Later when his uncle is being seduced by evil water nymphs to jump in and join them, Darach earlier had discovered a strange creature living in the housekeeper’s barn! Could he encourage the strange beast to fly and save his uncle from drowning?

Rubus was half standing in the boat when it hit something and came to a sudden halt, throwing him into the cold pond water. Darach heard a splash and turned around to see his uncle dive head first into the murky water. He frantically looked around the edges of the boat, desperately trying to find his uncle. Darach stared into the murky waters. He saw something small swimming just below the surface. At first he thought it looked like a fish. The creature dove deeper. He tried to see through the murkiness of the water. Something large was floating to the surface, it must be his uncle! To Darach’s disbelief, swarms of small humanlike female creatures, clad in strips of green algae were trying to pull his uncle back down under the water! As Darach reached to help his uncle, the water creatures pulled him away. Darach pulled his uncle’s head out of the water. Gasping for air and coughing and spitting out water, Rubus hissed, “Water nymphs…Eleionomaes…hurry they are bewitching me…!!!!!!”

Along the way Darach is visited by tiny tree elves who seem friendly but they have alternative motives.

Using a special stone polished by moving stream water Uncle Rubus can see the vast variety of winged fairy creatures living in his beloved garden. Because of the danger the Earth is facing they are invited to meet with the aged Queen of all Fairies.

In the center was a tiny throne made of gold and silver coins sitting on a silver case. Flowers of every kind surrounded the throne. A path of red rose petals led from a tiny wooden door to the throne. They heard a musical chime, but did not see a clock striking twelve times indicating it was midnight. Two very muscular bare-chested elves appeared at the sides of the wooden door. They held up tiny horn like instruments to their lips and the cavern filled with the trumpet-like sounds. The doors opened and the Queen, a very frail, extremely wrinkled old female elf appeared sitting inside a gold-covered tortoiseshell carried by eight loin clad elves. On her sparse white-haired head, she wore a lop-sided diamond ring as a crown. She was clad in a milkweed down robe glittering with gold dust. On both sides of her throne, colorful winged creatures sat at tiny harps made from spider webs, strumming the cords producing strange but beautiful music. Other winged creatures ran in front of the Queen tossing flower petals onto the floor before her.”

Does the old Queen have the power to help them? She sends for a gift-a powerful gift that can turn the tide and help save Earth.


Three book series available from Amazon  USA and Europedragon spirit 2

fairies 2





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