Uncle Rubus’s grimoire of MAGICAL HERBS: WISTERIA


I love Wisteria! Growing up as a kid we had a Wisteria vine at the end of our big front porch and in the Spring it would be covered with masses of huge sweet blooms! Wisteria vines are known to grow rampant. A Wisteria vine can grow 30-40 feet or more and tear down downspouts and pull down anything that is not very secure. I have a Wisteria growing on my arbor, but I don’t like the way it grows out of control.  Sometimes Wisteria are trained as a standard to be free-standing, almost tree-like and they are spectacular in full bloom! There are less aggressive and smaller Wisterias available.

Wisteria Amethyst Falls is a smaller growing vine and has cute little 4-5 inches clusters of blooms.

IT IS ALWAYS best to buy a Wisteria in bloom! Many times it may take a Wisteria 10 years to bloom or it may never bloom. Vines grown from seed can take years to bloom. It is best to buy a plant that has been grafted off a blooming vine and is in bloom when you buy it. The Amethyst Falls is in bloom in the pot, so I know it’s a vine that will bloom.

Magically, Wisteria oil is placed on one’s temples when studying and reading to give mental clarity and help you retain the information you are learning. Wisteria tea is taken to help you learn and retain the information while you are studying. In my 415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy novels, Darach moves in with his uncle and soon discovered both Uncle Rubus and Flo are witches! They all agreed Darach would be home schooled during the school year and receive witches training during the summer months. The housekeeper, Flo often brews wisteria tea for Darach when he is studying magical herbology to help him retain the information.

Magically Wisteria helps women find their femininity and sexuality. It helps men find their softer more feminine side of themselves. For both men and women it helps with the fears and anxiety of their sexuality.





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