Uncle Rubus’s grimoire of MAGICAL HERBS: The Dandelion



As a child who has not picked the yellow flowers to lovingly give to you Mom or laugh as you blow on the fluffy seed head and watch the silvery seeds become airborne!

The bright yellow spring flower is often associated with the mighty Lion. Some think the jagged leaves resemble a Lion’s tooth. Others feel the seeds look like lion’s teeth.  Since ancient times the Lion has been associated with the sun, and it is easy to see why ancients saw the sun in the bright glowing rays of the yellow flower.

During pagan holidays, especially in the spring or the Vernal Equinox, the flowers are woven into necklaces to wear, or wreaths for the altar. In the autumn the fluffy seed heads are reminders of the powerful magic of the full moon during Halloween or Samhain.

In magic the Dandelion is used for granting wishes, calling forth spirits and increasing one’s psychic ability in divination or foretelling the future. Witches used Dandelions to communicate with the dead or calling forth spirits of the dead. Many believe the Dandelion can open up portals to communicate with those who have passed on. It is often used in magical sachets to make wishes come true.

In my first novel of the 415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy, The Seven Sacred Seeds, Darach the young nephew has been captured by the creature who is on a mission to destroy all plant life on Earth. The Evil creature plans to kill the boy by tying him between the minute hand and the hour hand in the tower of the town’s Courthouse Clock.  When the two clock hands strike midnight, the boy would be crushed to death.  On his way to the tower the boy fakes a stumble and secretly grabs a handful of Dandelion seeds.  He is tied to the minute hand and his body is jerked upward with every passing minute.  With the seeds in hand, the boy makes a wish to communicate with his uncle Rubus, a powerful wizard, the danger he is in, and where he is.  The boy lets go of the seeds and all but one seed falls to the floor of the clock tower.  A pigeon ruffles her feathers giving the seed an upward lift.  It floats on a breeze out of the vent of the tower…with only minutes left before he is crushed to death, will the seed find its way to his uncle?  Will the spell work and will his uncle understand the wish placed up on the seed?  And if the seed reaches his uncle and the message is understood, is it possible for his uncle to save him in the few minutes remaining?



RL Patterson

Dandelion flower 2

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