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Simply put, Cryptozoology is the study of animals that are rumored to exist.  Some of the more famous examples are Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, and Bessie, a monster in Lake Erie.  For many years I was a Social Worker and from time to time I went with people to their Psychiatrist appointments.  I remember one doctor was a Cryptozoologist and he had traveled all over the world in search of a variety of unproven creatures.  In his office he had a huge mural of pictures of his travels.  He was especially fond of  trips  to the dense jungles of the Congo hunting for a large dinosaur-like creature. Some have said the creature is a Sauropods dinosaur.  The Psychiatrist had spoken to many Africans with first-hand accounts of their encounters with a giant beast foraging for food in the lush jungles.

Many Zoologist do not take Cryptozoology seriously and feel Cryptozoologist are chasing wild myths and legends.  However animals such as the Okapi, Mountain Gorilla, and the big lizard called the Komodo dragon were all considered myth and creatures of folklore until their discoveries early in the 1900’s.


In Ohio we have many stories of mysterious creatures including The Mothman in Point Pleasant West Virginia and across the Ohio River in Ohio. There have been sightings of Lake Monsters in Lake Erie, and there have been several sightings of Bigfoot in Ohio.  The Mothman is said to be a tall winged creature that stands like a man and has intense red eyes. Hundreds of firsthand accounts have been reported of people coming into contact with the creature. In December of 1967 the Silver Bridge across the Ohio River collapsed killing several people.  There are many accounts of the Mothman sitting atop of the bridge when it fell into the water.  Some even say they have photographic proof the Mothman was sitting on top the bridge before it crashed into the icy water of the Ohio River.

Throughout the years numerous people have reported a large serpent- like creature in the waters of Lake Erie.  The first recorded sighting was in 1793 and the sightings continue to this day.  Again people have taken pictures of something swimming in the lake but the photographic evidence  is not clear enough to know if it is a Lake Monster or a floating log.  The American Indians called the giant Lake Serpent, Mishipishu.  In my first novel of the 415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy, The Seven Sacred Seeds, Rubus, a powerful witch with a vast knowledge of magical herbs is on a small boat with his young nephew Darach in the Giant Lake when they are threatened by the captain of the boat.  Using the magical herb bladderwrack he summons help from the depths of the lake which saves them from certain death!


Through the years there have been numerous accounts and reports of people coming face to face with Bigfoot in Southern and Eastern Ohio.  These areas of the State are very rural and are composed of rugged hills and thousands of acres of dense forests.  The TV show called, In Search of Bigfoot on the Animal Planet cable network, filmed an entire episode of searching for Bigfoot in Eastern Ohio.  One of the latest sightings was a bow hunter in East Fork State Park, in Southern Ohio in December 2014.  In June of this year a man in Stark County, in Eastern Ohio said he saw a Bigfoot in his yard and shot at it hitting it in the shoulder and it ran back into the woods.  Channel Ten news on WBNS in Columbus, Ohio has reported Bigfoot sightings is very common in Ohio, with dozens of accounts reported every year.

Other mysterious creatures have been reported, including werewolves seen outside of London, Ohio.  Maybe these strange creatures are a figment of fertile imaginations, or are common animals that people see and are frightened and think they see something more menacing.  Regardless if they are real or imagined people continue to report what they feel is strange and mysterious!

The characters in The 415 Raspberry Trilogy novels often encounter a host of exotic and dangerous beasts and monsters.  The young nephew, Darach soon accepts encounters with elves, vampires, ghosts, unicorns, dragons, and  eccentric witches is a normal  daily occurrence!

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