Mythical Beast and Creatures


IN MY THREE RASPBERRY PICKET TRILOGY novels I use several creatures, monsters, and specters  written about in folklore.

There are several elves, fairies, and similar creatures throughout the stories.  Darach  a young boy living with his uncle, Rubus is befriended by tiny tree elves. They had heard about magical abilities the boy has and they come to spy on him to confirm the rumors.  The Queen of all elf and fairy creatures both on land and water has a pivotal role in Book One, ‘The Seven Sacred Seeds’ and in Book Three, ‘The Seed of the Wormwood.’ The very old and diminutive Queen yields great power and authority over the denizens of her vast realm.  She has the power of life or death and rules with an iron hand. While suspicious of  humanity she realizes for the world to survive she must team up with Uncle Rubus, Darach and their friends to destroy the evil.

In the 415 Raspberry Trilogy there are both good and evil spirits, ghosts who depending on their loyalties have power to cause death to humans.  The builder of the house on 415 raspberry Picket ,who has been a ghost for nearly 100 years resides with Rubus, and Darach and their housekeeper Flo. The ghost is a friend and a powerful ally to the witches that lives in his house. In times of need he risks all to save them from evil spirits who wish to destroy him and the humans battling with the evil entity, The Dark Master, who is on a mission to destroy all plant life on Earth.


In the darkness of the underground aquifer lives a menacing creatures who loves the taste of human blood.  This creature the,  Dubhar-Chu originally encountered in Ireland, is a white dog-like creature that lives in the darkness of the water depths and is a deadly monster.  Darach and his friend Andy are attacked by the creature while out on the shores of the aquifer as they watched The Dark Master’s henchman acting suspiciously.


A story about witches and magical herbs is not complete without dragons.  On the housekeeper Flo’s old dilapidated farm hidden away in a barn exists a dragon hybrid creature Darach befriends and on two occasions they work together to stop a terrible calamity.  Other dragons appear in the novels.  Uncle Rubus, a great wizard is an expert on various dragon species.

The tales of dragons is as old as man himself.  The Bible refers to dragons.  The American Indians drew pictures of dragons on cliffs before white man came to the new world.  Stories of dragons were handed down from generation to generation in oral tales. In Europe and Asia stories of dragons have been passed on for hundreds of years.

dragon 5 dragon one dragon three

In Book Three-‘The Seed of The Wormwood,’  a young teenage vampire character is introduced.  The vampire clans had come to an agreement they must help mankind destroy The Dark Master, or they might lose their food supply.  So the arrangement with the vampires is tenuous at best.  Young Darach finds the young teen very creepy and keeps him at arms, or fangs length by wearing layers of garlic bulbs and Monkhood’s flowers around his neck.

There are several other creatures and beings with strange powers throughout the novels.  Even Uncle Rubus   friends are a very odd and eccentric bunch of eclectic witches!

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