A remote island in Lake Erie -a perfect spot for imaginary hideout for the evil Dark Master and his henchmen.


middle sister island 2

The remote fog shrouded Middle Sister Island in Northern Lake Erie,  was the perfect setting of a hideout for my characters, the evil Dark Master and his henchmen in the 415 Raspberry Picket novels. Years ago  I sailed from Canada across to Sandusky, Ohio.  We passed by many of  the islands in Western Lake Erie.  I remember how mysterious and enticing the Middle Sister Island was way out in the giant lake all by itself. Islands often invoke feelings of adventure and romance.  In my mind’s eye I could see the tall sailing ships with their many sails puffed out, gliding across the choppy waters powered but nothing but the gust of strong winds.  I thought what a perfect hideout for pirates, roughnecks, and criminals. Middle Sister Island is part of a trio of islands including East and West Sister Islands.  West Sister Island, is in Ohio and can be seen with the remains of a white lighthouse tower from outside of Port Clinton.

In my third novel, The Seed of the Wormwood  the villain and his party of evil cohorts take refuge in an old abandoned lighthouse to plan their attacks to fulfill their mission to destroy all plant life on Earth.  A group of witches, a blue elf, and a couple of humans meet to work out the details and develop a strategy to defeat uncle Rubus, his young nephew Darach  and their group of witch friends.  The waves crash on the rocky shore below and the wind wails through the broken doors and windows as the evildoers make their plans.

Ohio has nearly two dozen Lighthouses along its shore and islands.  My favorite are in the tiny town of Fairport Harbor east of Cleveland.  There is an old lighthouse and museum near the center of the town on a hill.  Visiting  Fairport Harbor you forget you are in Ohio and imagine you are in a tiny seaport in New England. Outside of town is Headlands State Park and at the entrance of the Grand River is a large lighthouse. Parts of Headlands Beach is a nature preserve.  I think it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  I especially enjoy visiting in the fall or winter months when there are few people around and you have the beach, the sand dunes, the driftwood, and the Grand River Lighthouse all to yourself!

 When I was writing the final book of the 415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy, The Seed of the Wormwood I remembered the mysterious Middle Sister Island that was almost hidden away and forgotten in the midst of the blue waters in the vastness of one of the five  Inland Seas. The Providence of Ontario, Canada has put up Middle Sister Island for sale.  For the small cost of $675,000 dollars the remote island could be yours!


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