Uncle Rubus’s grimoire of MAGICAL HERBS: To ward off ghosts-Boneset and Fennel

boneset-ghosts  fennel


In the first book of the 415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy a dragon has given Uncle Rubus and his young nephew Darach a riddle to find Seven Sacred  Seeds to save the destruction of all plant life on Earth.  One of the Sacred  Seeds grows only in a nearby cemetery beside the tomb of a witch’s child.  At the strike of midnight they enter into the boneyard and are almost instantly attacked by hordes of evil ghosts determined to stop the man and the boy from obtaining the seeds they need.

Uncle Rubus, a well known wizard pulls out his leather bag of magical herbs to fight back the ghosts.  Before he can use his magical herbs he is attacked and held down by the ghosts who want to drain all his life’s energy.  His nephew grabs the bag of magical herbs and uses powdered Boneset to ward off the ghosts.  They eventually hold up all night in the bell tower of an old church in the center of the cemetery and use Fennel to keep the evil ghosts from entering in.

Fennel is a delicious nice smelling her herb often used with cooking fish and meats.  I especially enjoy growing Bronze Fennel with it’s copper colored feathery leaves, as an ornamental in my perennial garden.

Boneset blooms is late summer and has bright white flowers that are very similar to several other wildflowers. It is related to the purple flowering annual, ageratum that is often grown in containers.  Boneset is sometimes used medically but can be very poisonous. As its name suggests it has been used in mending broken bones.  Legend says Abraham Lincoln’s mother died from drinking milk from a cow who had consumed Boneset.  Also the meat of an animal eating Boneset is toxic.  There are several wildflowers that look very similar to Boneset that are extremely toxic and deadly.

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