PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK-Is Mass Extinction real or a liberal fantasy to motivate people to vote Democratic?


Is Mass Extinction real or a liberal fantasy to motivate people to vote Democratic

THE OTHER DAY I posted an article about the mass extinction of plants and animals on Earth and how rapidly it is spreading. I usually try to stay away from controversy and try to keep my personal opinions to my self. Today I had lunch with my mother in Lancaster, and on my drive back home to Circleville I was listening to the radio and flipping stations.

I heard a conservative, well known, (and often revered and worshiped by many) radio talk show host discussing the article concerning the mass extinction of plants and animals. He said the author of the article was, “a clown.” The info and studies provided by the top Ivy schools was authored by scientists at Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley were,  ” …absurd! It is literally absurd.” He rambled on several more minutes berating and belittling the scientists, the authors, and the schools.

He continued to discredit any report about extinction, “You know, every time one of these stories happen about extinction, all of a sudden it’s found. Something thought to be extinct is found in some remote island, Bali Bali, Bali Mali, wherever it is. I always ask, “How do they know it became extinct?” How in the world can anybody know what’s become extinct, ’cause we can’t go everywhere to find out where something might be.”

Then he turned his verbal attack on the Pope and mocked and belittled the Pope’s concern about threatened animals and plants and possible climate change. Referring to the author of the report about mass extinction, the ‘learned’ talk show host added, “He says, “We’re all in a tree, and we are sawing off the limb we are sitting on.” So here we have worldwide leftists using multiple experts now — including the pope — to throw gasoline on the end-of-the-world, we’re-all-gonna-die fire. I mean, really, who can argue this isn’t true? Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, and the pope all agree? And it’s climate change that’s doing us in?”

The esteemed talk show host finished by saying because of reports about mass extinction and other similar reports, people no longer believe in government or God or religion, “I’m sure, from stories like this. I mean, Millennials don’t trust anybody. Millennials have lost confidence. Americans have lost confidence in everything. Americans have lost confidence in church. Americans have lost confidence in religion. Americans have no hope. Is it any wonder?”

I don’t see myself as a liberal or a conservative. I think I am a realist and was taught good old fashioned common sense. (I used to hate it when my Dad would ask me where my common sense was.) I don’t know if climate change is a natural event or caused by man. My opinion is it is a little of both and humanity is pushing it along… The weather is changing. Many of the icebergs are melting. Ocean levels are rising. Humanity is chopping down forests and paving over land at a astonishing rate. Plants and animals are disappearing and regardless of our talk show host’s opinion, I don’t think they have all ran off to, “Bali Bali, Bali Mali,” to hide.

The infamous radio host often ridicules and mocks people who don’t agree with him and refers to them as “low-information voters.” Again my common sense tells me we as a planet and all of it’s inhabitants are in trouble… Rick Patterson

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