Uncle Rubus’s grimoire of MAGICAL HERBS: Bladderwrack

bladderrack 1 bladderwrack two

BLADDERWRACK is an aquatic plant that lives in the seas of Earth. It is called Kelp or Seaweed.   In folklore it is used for protection as a traveler on the seas or flying overhead. Bladderwrack is used to call forth the spirits of the oceans.  By throwing the herb into the waters you will gain favor with the sea spirits and they will aid you with your magical spells.

In The 415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy, Book One-The Seven Sacred Seeds, Uncle Rubus and his young nephew have charted a boat to take them to a small island in The Great Lake in Northern Ohio. They are in search for one of the Seven Sacred Seeds to stop an evil entity from trying to destroy all plant life on Earth.  As they are out on the  windy lake with spitting snow and bitter cold the captain of the little boat pulls out a gun and orders the man and the boy to jump overboard or get shot.  Uncle Rubus who was suspicious of the odd looking captain from the beginning tosses Bladderwrack  into the choppy waves of the lake and calls forth for help…

Bladderwrack is also used to summon winds and by washing the floor with Kelp at a place of business will attract paying customers.   R L Patterson

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