Uncle Rubus’s grimoire of MAGICAL HERBS: Datura

witches flying



Datura,  and  Brugmansia  are poisonous plants often used in Black Magic and are toxic if consumed.  Brugmansia is a shrubby plant that grows in the tropics with huge fragrant fluted flowers.   The flowers of the Brugmansia are usually bigger and hang down ward.  The flowers of the smaller Datura face upwards.  Datura grows wild in Ohio and is poisonous. The local Datura are often called Thorn Apples (they produce a spiny seed) or Jimpson Weed.  Sometimes a larger white Datura  or Moon Flower is grown as an ornamental and they produce large white blooms on bluish green foliage  and bloom after sunset.

I am very fond of the larger tropical versions of Brugmansia with their huge fluted flowers that bloom more abundantly during a full moon and become intensely fragrant after sun set.  It is an exotic plant with an mysterious and magical history. I grow several in my Ohio garden.  In folklore witches would use Datura along with other magical herbs to produce a magical flying ointment. In my first novel,Uncle Rubus a great Wizard and his young nephew Darach escape death by using a flying ointment to fly across the Great lake to the safety of an island lighthouse. (Book One-The Seven Sacred Seeds.)

Datura is also used to protect one from evil and push back negativity.

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