Magical Herbs-Ragwort

Magical Herbs-Ragwort

In the countryside the wild flower Ragwort is blooming in abundance. I don’t think I have ever seen so many of these yellow like daisy flowers plants in bloom. It must be a bumper year for Ragworts!

flying head

In the oral traditions of the Iroquois Native American Indians who lived in upstate New York, there was a fierce monster of a disembodied head with fangs that attacked people without provocation.  The Hopewell Indians who used Ohio has their cultural center, built elaborate earth mounds in geometric and animal shapes that predated the Iroquois.   A clay sculpture of a Shaman turning into a bear was found at a large Hopewell earth mound group in Newark, Ohio.  On his belt hanging from his waist appears to be a head!  Scholars have theorized this might be the Fanged Flying Head mentioned by the Iroquois Indians.

hope shaman turning into a bear with head on belt

Magically witches were said to escape persecution by flying away on the stems of a Ragwort after midnight. Ragwort is a herb of protection warding off evil spirits and deflecting unwanted spells and evil spirits. Ragwort is sometimes associated with Fairy magic and some sources say fairies sometimes used Ragwort to fly about from place to place.

In book two of my ‘415 Raspberry Trilogy-The Cursed Seed’  Uncle Rubus and his young nephew Darach, and friends  enter into a Hopewell Shaman’s grave to obtain a small copper box.  The box contains something of great importance to an evil entity who is trying to destroy all plant life on Earth.  As young Darach reaches into the witchdoctor’s tomb to retrieve the copper box, he notices a head with yellow fangs inside the wooden casket.  They turn to run as the Flying Head chases them from the burial mound.

newark indian mounds-lunar observatory

As the Flying Head is about to get them, the clock strikes midnight and they try to escape by yanking out of the ground the Ragwort stems and fly to safety. The uncle and Darach get into an aerial battle trying to keep the stinking Flying Head from biting them and knocking them out of the sky to a certain death…



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