Book Two-415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy-‘The Cursed Seed’



The Cursed Seed

Book Two


Using the mystical power of an ancient Hopewell Indian Lunar Observatory, young Darach and his Uncle Rubus discover an ornate copper box deep within an Indian burial mound of a long dead Shaman.

They learn of a chilling link between the mysterious item within the box and The Dark Master’s evil mission to eradicate all plant life on Earth. They are faced with the perils of battling fanged flying heads, flesh eating fish, suspicious Unicorns, disfiguring spells, and the pitfalls of time travel.

Seeking the wisdom of a strange colony of witches hiding in the hills of Southern Ohio and the magic of a beautiful young Indian girl, they must use all their skills of witchcraft and knowledge of magic herbs in a race to stop the Dark Master’s desperate attempts of regaining ownership of the copper box and finishing his quest of destroying all plant life on the planet.

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