Book Three of The 415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy-‘The Seed of the Wormwood’

wormwood cover cropped

The Seed of The Wormwood

Book Three

In an abandoned lighthouse miles from shore, the Dark Master meets with his   henchmen to plan the final battle, desperate to regain ownership of his Hopewell Indian copper box and the mysterious item within.

With his Uncle Rubus arrested young Darach is shocked his beloved, Grandmother Rosemary, a powerful witch, has turned traitor, betraying her family by joining   the Dark Master on a mission to destroy all plant life on Earth.

Imprisoned in his basement bedroom, Darach is subjected to mind-altering spells in an attempt by his abusive father and weird step-mother to force him into revealing the hiding place of the copper box. Assisted by a centuries old teenage boy vampire, The Queen Oak tree of the forest, and elves, Darach faces the Dark Master in an isolated cemetery for a final battle.

Will saving the planet’s plant life be worth the ultimate sacrifice of one so young?

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