415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy

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WRITING A BOOK is the easy part. Then comes the fun part of making sure your punctuation and grammar are correct.  Finding a good and reliable editor has also been very difficult. Finding a publisher is also a challenging event.  Entire books have been written on this subject alone. People who edit often charge a hefty fee.  Then comes the  book layout and cover design.  Finally (and I feel is the most difficult part) promoting your book is extremely challenging.  Most authors do not have thousands of dollars for publicity and advertising. Some feel it is important to have an Agent.  But that too is an additional can be costly and difficult to find an Agent who is honest and truly cares about your book.  Probably in all honesty the author is the person who cares and believes in their books more than anyone else on the planet.  (Maybe mothers come in second!)

In later posts I want to describe each book.  Since the books deal with magical herbs I plan to post a magical herb weekly and explain how it is used magically and in folklore! Thanks for visiting my blog and reading what I have to share!  RL Patterson

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