Book One of The 415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy ‘The Seven Sacred Seeds’


The Seven Sacred Seeds

Book One

When eight year old Darach hears a cabbage say ‘Hello’ in the grocery store, he’s sure he’s losing his mind.  He’s just moved in with his eccentric Uncle Rubus.  Maybe his uncle’s weirdness is contagious!

Things get crazier when he discovers Uncle Rubus arguing with a real dragon. To his amazement Darach learns that he’s part of a family of witches-and that he can speak to plants.  Not only do dragons, exist, but so do fairies, elves, and vampires.

The dragon sets Darach and Uncle Rubus on a mission to save Earth’s green, growing things from the evil Dark Master.  If they fail, Earth will become a desolate, brown, burned out shell.

Darach begins to appreciate the vital importance of the plant life around him, but it will take all his magical ability to save our planet’s fragile fertility.

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